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LEWIS Allan Ranking

Service: Army – 2/21 Infantry Battalion
Service number: VX26811
Locality on Enlistment: Bright
Duration of Service: 14 Jun 1940 – 20 Feb 1942
Prisoner of War: Yes
Honours: None for display
Date and Place of Birth: 21 Jan 1910 Forrest
Parents: Robert Arthur LEWIS and Ellen RANKING
Occupation: Timber milling labourer
Date and Place of Death: 20 Feb 1942 Laha Ambon
Place of Burial: Australian War Cemetery Ambon

NOTES: The 2/21st was deployed to Ambon as part of Gull Force in December 1941 following the Japanese invasion of Malaya; however, with the defence of the island considered untenable due to the limited military resources available and overwhelming Japanese strength it was subsequently captured despite determined resistance, surrendering on 3 February 1942. Most members of the battalion became prisoners of war, and a large number died in captivity. Gull Force lost 15 men killed during the defence of Ambon, and another 309 men at Laha who were either killed in action or by mass executions by the Japanese which occurred on 6 February and between 15–20 February.  Allan Ranking Lewis was one of the victims of the Laha massacre.