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INGLIS Keith Finlayson

Service: Army 55 Australian Wireless Section
Service number: VX86907
Locality on Enlistment: Colac
Duration of Service: 25 Aug 1942 – 1 Dec 1944
Prisoner of War: No
Honours: None for Display
Date and Place of Birth: 2 Jul 1921 Colac
Parents: James Thomas Harry INGLIS and Ada Ann Elizabeth HIGGINS
Spouse: Jean Margaret McCosh (1) Valerie (2)
Occupation: Clerk
Date and Place of Death: 23 Dec 2009 Beerwah Queensland
Place of Burial: Beerwah Cemetery

NOTES: Extract from the book The Emperors Codes Although the Japanese Army codes were still frustratingly difficult to break, traffic analysis of 55 Wireless Section intercepts provided an early success for Central Bureau.  It very quickly built up a detailed picture of the Japanese troops attempting to cross the Owen Stanley Range, north of Port Moresby, allowing the Australian 7th Division and the US 32nd Division to defeat them at Kokoda and force them back to the northern coast.