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CHESSUM Kenneth James

Service: Army – 7 Australian Infantry Battalion
Service number: VX68010
Locality on Enlistment: Thornbury Victoria
Duration of Service: 15 Dec 1941 – 17 Jan 1946
Prisoner of War: No
Honours: None for display
Date and Place of Birth: 28 Feb 1922 Beech Forest
Parents: Percy CHESSUM and Minnie Cecilia YOB
Spouse: Thelma Eva WINNING
School/s: Weeaproinah State School
Occupation: Steward
Date and Place of Death: 6 Oct 2008 Yarrawonga
Place of Burial: Mulwala Cemetery NSW


In April 1945, the 7th left the Outer Islands and moved to Torokina, the Australian base on Bougainville. In June the battalion began moving along the Numa Numa Trail, in the Central Sector, to Pearl Ridge where they relieved the 27th Battalion. After years of static garrison duties, the 7th was about to go into combat.¬†Under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Harry Dunkley, the 7th dominated the Japanese. From 7 June to 15 August the battalion captured 25 Japanese positions, including Wearne’s Hill, Base Point 3, Tokua, and Sisivie. By the end of the war the 7th claimed 181 Japanese killed, 17 probably killed, and 11 wounded, for the loss of 25 killed and 54 wounded.¬† Australian War Memorial