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Looking to research a family member
 Researching family history is a favourite hobby for many people.
The Colac Family History Group hold many records, We may have information about your ancestors!.
This is the place to come if your family members originated in the Colac area.
More than 211000 names
Records now available from: Cemeteries, Schools, Shires, Churches, Military Service, Obituaries, Wills, Family Histories, Newspapers, Inquests, Maps, Photos!
Welcome to the Colac & District Family History Group (C&DFHG), based at Colac in south west Victoria, near the Otway Ranges. Founded in 1981, this vibrant family history group currently has more than 190 members, including a large team of active volunteers. We have an extensive database of our records and a searchable index. Resources include a comprehensive library of local family histories and research texts, hundreds of family files, collections of historic newspaper clippings and many other family history resources for our members' use. We conduct regular training workshops and produce a quarterly newsletter, “Coladjins”. Thank you for visiting our website. Please keep in touch with our website future changes and contact us if we can help you with your genealogy research.
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